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Enclosure model created with Sauna

Welcome to the official website of the Sauna™ thermal modeling software package. The Sauna software package can be used to simulate a wide variety of electronic components and systems, such as heat sinks (heatsinks), circuit boards (PCB's), semiconductor stackups (BGA, QFP), high-power LED's, complete boxes and complex duty cycle transient problems.

perform trace-by-trace board modeling

The Sauna program is quite easy to use. Complex 3D models are created by combining the "building blocks" of circuit boards, plates, and plates with fins. Heat transfer coefficients for both convection and radiation are calculated automatically. All these powerful features are provided at a very moderate price. Sauna can be run on virtually any contemporary Windows PC.

To learn more about Sauna, please use the index bar on the left to view the many informative pages contained on this site. It is suggested that you start with Sauna Overview. (If you're in a hurry, just look at the pictures.) A free evaluation package is also available. Feel free to ask questions, contact information is available here.

Latest News:

22 Apr 2016: The paper Impact Of Thermal Relief On The Cooling Of A SOT-223 Device has been added to the Papers/Articles section. The term "thermal relief" describes circuit board modifications which are made to impede heat flow from copper pads during soldering. While thermal relief can improve manufacturability, the paper quantifies the negative impact on components which use the circuit board to dissipate heat. It's an interesting and important topic.

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