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User Quotes

Here are some quotes from Sauna users:

  • "Sauna lends itself well to performing what-if analysis. Plate dimensions, heat source positions and fin dimensions can be readily changed to determine the optimum heat transfer. Figure 8 shows the computed heat transfer contours for a single heatsink assembly. The difference between the measured flange temperatures and the simulated flange temperatures is no greater than 3 degrees Celsius."
    Stephen D. Turner, VP Engineering, Paradise Datacom LLC,
    article in July 2003 issue of Base Station/Earth Station magazine
  • "Sauna is a conjugate thermal modeling tool which incorporates computer aided design and heat transfer. The modeling and run times are only a fraction of those required with CFD and FEA analyses."
    Chris Chapman -Thermal Analyst, Aavid Engineering
  • "The manuals provide excellent example problems that not only clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the software and train the user in its application but also provide insight into the heat transfer phenomenon involved in electronic packaging. The subsequent technical support has been timely and accurate which is very important with our marketplace's demand for fast cycle times."
    Andy Morrison - Senior Staff Engineer, Motorola
  • "I have been a Sauna user since 1990. Since 1990, Sauna has been a core tool in the design of the many high performance power electronic packages I have developed. TB Wood's has been able to significantly reduce development cycle times by using Sauna to hammer through dozens of thermal models quickly."

    "Sauna's power and flexibility have grown every year. We have proven Sauna findings to be accurate over and over with controlled lab experiments."
    Barry Keene - Principle Mechanical Engineer, TB Wood's Sons Company
  • "We have found the Sauna thermal analysis program to be head and shoulders above the rest in terms of ease of use and analytical power. We've also found the Sauna program to be the only analysis package capable of true gray body radiation analysis."
    Robert Denson - President, Applied Design Concepts

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