Sauna V5.0 New Features

Circular Assemblies Are Now Supported

circular board
Figure 1: Circular board with traces and components  

Circular and Rectangular Holes Are Allowed

assemblies with holes
Figure 2: Assemblies with rectangular and circular holes  

Circular Assemblies Can Be Sliced

sliced assemblies
Figure 3: Sliced circular assemblies  

Hole Center Can be External to Assembly

offset holes
Figure 4: Holes with external center point  

Combine Circular, Rectangular and Poly Shapes

complex shape
Figure 5: Complex shape created by combining circular, rectangular, poly  

Circular Assembly

  • Easy to create, largely the same procedure as for rectangular assemblies
  • Circular assemblies can be sliced to create partial circles, pie shapes, etc.
  • Easy to add float resistors, flow length automatically adjusted when the assembly is sliced or a hole added

Assembly Holes

  • Rectangular and circular holes are allowed
  • Hole can be centered or offset
    • polar mesh is used when the hole is large (tube shape)
    • hole center can be outside the assembly
  • easy to resize and reposition holes
  • assembly holes reduce the need to perform slicing and also reduces the number of assemblies (useful for Sauna Standard users)


  • Option to display numerical wattage for resistors
  • New method for distributed wattage when resizing plate or boards
    • wattage / face_area is kep constant
    • when plate size changes, the wattage is increased or decreased proportionally
  • New Toolbox calculations for heat transfer from isolated plates
    • round and annular plates
    • rectangular plate with hole
  • Complete Sauna User Manual is available through the Windows Start Menu


  • Sauna V5.0 is primarily useful for modeling circular circuit boards
  • Modeling cold plates, cans and wires is possible, but is reserved for experienced users

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